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We all have something special that will help Light Up The World... As your Coach I'm here to help that Light shine as bright as it can ” - Amadi Jae

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One On One lessons are an opportunity for you to receive personalized guidance and coaching that is designed specifically for your needs & goals. Just like every athlete needs a personal trainer, an artist or musician needs a vocal coach or piano instructor to help guide them on their musical journey. It is my life's purpose to help you see this journey to the finish line and that is living out your dreams. TeamWork makes the dream work. So lets join forces to Light Up The World. To Find out more information and book your session, press the button below. 

Performance / Tour Prep

As budding entertainers, we want to give our all to our audience. We want to ensure that after a couple hours visiting our musical world, that they feel they've had an experience. An experience that they will remember for a lifetime. As your performance coach it is my purpose and goal to ensure that you are prepared and are confident on the stage to give your fans your all. Let's come together to Light Up The World. To get more info and book your session press the button below. 

Vocal Production

For an artist, the studio is their second home. It is the place where an artist brings their masterpieces to life. As your Vocal Producer I help you add color to your artwork through vocal direction in the studio and assisting with vocal/ harmony arrangements. Whether you need vocal coaching through the session, harmonies, or assistance with deliverance or artistic direction vocally, I am there to ensure you have it. Lets work together to bring your musical story to life. For more information and to book a session, press the more info below.   


One of the best feelings as an artist is watching your creation grow from start to finish. As your songwriter or songwriting coach, I am happy to join the process and help you articulate your story in an authentic and relatable way. Lets come together sculpt your sound and the music that will Light Up The World. Press "More Infor" below for more information and to book a session. 


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