On June 2nd a light was ignited in West Chester, NY. This light would soon be known to the world as Amadi Jae. Growing up all over the world from Connecticut to Accra, Ghana, Amadi would soak in a melting pot of cultures. Although her unique upbringing would seep into the very core of her musical influences, her adversity would spark a passion within her to inspire others with illustrations of her triumphs and lessons thru music. Not always confident in her talents and abilities, Amadi would fall victim to doubts, fears, and insecurities. If not for a strong support system seeing a special light within her, she would have never begun to see it within herself. With her debut musical effort, this budding singer-songwriter and producer hopes to be that light for those who are now in the shoes that she once wore. Thru her music and her “Retrolite” movement, Amadi hopes to instill the message that all of us, no matter what story their past tells, has a bright light within them waiting to shine bright and impact the world. Amadi Jae has begun this mission by releasing her first single Dreams and performing in such venues as Smith’s Olde Bar, Morehouse College, Clayton State University, and Centennial Olympic Park and features in Greedmont Park and the AlliExperience. As her light continues to shine with inspiration and hope, we are bound to see her everlasting impression on the hearts of those that are touched by her music and movement.